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Sunday, 25 September 2011


Yesterday a letter appeared in the Daily Telegraph from a group of more than 200 academics and other experts, expressing concern about how children are raised in the UK. The points are well made, and worth giving consideration to. From my own observations, I would make these points about modern childhood:

·       As I have written before, much of the problem is with my generation, with its ‘lifestyle choices’ and refusal to grow up
·       School is a mixed blessing. School can be great – especially great schools! But school starts too young and is too intense for many kids, especially boys. We keep identifying new categories of special need, and labelling increasing numbers of kids with those special needs, when a lot of the problem is that six year old boys are meant to be running around in the woods hitting each other with sticks and not stuck in a classroom
·       We too quickly default to electronic media for entertainment, which does lead to a physical passivity, even if the mind is being engaged in some way
·       We are too cautious, and don’t let our children take enough risks
·       We are too busy trying to be friends with our children when what we are meant to be is parents

And, of course, over and above all this is our secularization. In the end, without a consciousness of God’s claim and rule over us we are all blind guides leading the blind. For it is God, “who strengthens the bars of your gates; and blesses your children within you.” (Ps 147:13)

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Vic Williams said...

Matthew you are so absolutely right. When I was growing upwe only went to school at 7 years of age and the first 2 years was on 8-11. I don't see that it my generation any harm. And without God in our schools what truth can we teach kids.